F# for Functional Enthusiasts Bibliography

Bibliograhy and slides for my talk to the Bay Area Clojure User Group .

Type Providers

F# Type Providers

F# R Provider

Visualize World Bank data in R with F# Type Providers

Types, Constraints, and Generics

Engineering Random Bits: F# Generics

The “Designing with types” series

Active patterns and member constraint

Type hackery

Help build optional type systems for Clojure and Clojurescript.

Type system as expressing intent 16:00

Eager Rose Tree, Vector, Parsing, Computational Expressions

Eager Rose Tree




{m}brace demos

Community-Driven Development

The F# Software Foundation

FAKE – F# Make

F# Formatting: Documentation tools

FunScript : F# to JavaScript with type providers

Charting World Bank data with F#

Develop CUDA applications

F# quotations to OpenCL translation

Web client to #websharper channel

Development Alternatives

Tsunami IDE

Missile Command playable in tsunami.io

Configuring Sublime Text 2 To Work With FSharp

Create iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps

Using Sublime Text 2 as F# REPL


IKVM.NET Home Page

Building a Java VM on the .NET Framework

Learning F#

F# Programming

A Course of F# Study

A directory of useful pages

F# Cheatsheet

Visual F#

Coming in F# 3.1

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