Lambda Jam F# Bibliography

Bibliography for my talk “Functional Linear Data Structures in F#” at Lambda Jam 2013.


Sandboxed demo code and examples from talk

Keynote: The Value of Values



The Fastest Functional Data Structures Come to F#

Introduction to Microsoft’s IL

Busting 4 Modern Hardware Myths – Are Memory, HDDs, And SSDs Really Random Access?

Telerik’s JustDecompile recommended for IL exploration. Comes with intellisense and plugins extending functionality.

Porting Clojure’s Persistent Data Structures to .NET, part 1

Porting Clojure’s Persistent Data Structures to .NET, part 2

Hash array mapped trie

Solid Collections documentation discussion

A Unified Collection of Purely Functional List-like Data Structures

Purely Functional Stepchildren

Semantics and List-like Data Structures

Comparing F# Queues

Double-ended Queues for F#

Markov chain

Simulating a Markov Chain with F# Sequences

F# data frame library

Breadth-First Numbering: Lessons from a Small Exercise in Algorithm Design

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