Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

I’m pleased to announce I will be speaking at this year’s Silicon Valley Code Camp on Saturday, October 6 at 3:30 PM. My session, Working with Functional Data Structures, Practical F# Application, extends my recent articles on the topic. Here is the session description

Beyond the bread-and-butter singly linked list are dozens of practical Functional Data Structures available to mask complexity, enable composition, and open possibilities in pattern matching. This session focuses on data structures available today in F#, but has practical application to most any functional language. The session covers what makes these structures functional, when to use them, why to use them, choosing a structure, time complexity awareness, garbage collection, and practical insights into creating and profiling your own Functional Data Structure. This session is intended for intermediate level functional programmers and above, but should be of interest to functional programming newbies as well.

SVCC 2012 is two full days of tech talk, including breakfasts and lunches, and it’s all FREE! But you have to register. Dozens of interesting and useful sessions, great speakers, thousands of coders / hackers / technophiles, and did I mention free food?

So click my session above (it helps promote my talk) then check out the rest of the SVCC site and register.

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