SVCC F# Working with Functional Data Structures Bibliograpy

Bibliography for my presentation, Working with Functional Data Structures, Practical F# Application, October 6 at Silicon Valley Code Camp.


Companion F# Demo

Purely Functional Data Structures (1996)
Purely Functional Data Structures (1998)
Purely Functional Stepchildren
Benchmarking F# Data Structures — Introduction
Benchmarking F# Data Structures — Loading Data
Double-ended Queues for F#
Eric Lippert’s Comma Quibbling
Nick Palladinos Comma Quibbling
GC Performance Counters
Are functional languages inherently slow?
The benefits of purely functional data structures
Functional Pearls Red-Black Trees in a Functional Setting
F# vs Mathematica: red-black trees
Red-Black Tree Remove
Implimenting IComparable in F#

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