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Long time since last post. I’ve been having a great time, but very busy, working for Tachyus, the first Silicon Valley tech company devoted to the oil and gas industry. Working on technology solutions for the physical world is emotionally rewarding, and all the better that we code the software side almost exclusively in F#.

I’m participating in a lot of community activities in the next couple of months.

October 2 & 3 at the Progressive F# Tutorials NYC

I’m really excited about meeting old and new F# colleagues. Shout-out to jet.com for sponsoring. This is a great conference for anyone interested in F# at any level, with top notch beginners and advanced tracks. Fellow Tachyus engineer Will Smith (Twitter @tihan) is doing an advanced track presentation on his project for inlining C code in F#.

October 11 & 12 Silicon Valley Code Camp

The 9th annual edition of the world’s largest free software development conference. This year I helped put together an F# track of sessions on Saturday, as well as a Sunday session, Functional Programming for Production Quality Code, that I will present.

Big shout out to

Peter Kellner (Twitter: @pkellner) for being the guiding light of SVCC,

as well as

Mathias Brandewinder (Twitter: @brandewinder), (spiritual leader of the Bay Area F# community),

Will Smith (again),

Ryan Riley (Twitter: @panesofglass) (another Tachyon),

and Riccardo Terrell (Twitter: @TRikace)

for contributing talks to the F# track.

November 2 – 6 Microsoft MVP Global Summit

This event is not open to the public, but if you are an MVP or work for Microsoft, Ryan and I will be presenting the F# open source projects Tachyus uses and contributes to at the Sunday afternoon MVP Expo. We are also going to try to schedule an MVP to MVP talk on the subject.

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