Chicago Lambda Jam: The Must-attend Functional Programming Event

The full Lambda Jam Chicago schedule is now available!

July 8-10, 2013

I’m exited to be a part of this great opportunity for idea sharing across functional language communities. In addition to keynote speakers (Joe Armstrong, Gerald Sussman, and David Nolen), every morning will have nine sessions in three concurrent session paths, but what distinguishes this conference is fully half of each day is devoted to active participation in practical application of a half dozen of today’s most influential functional languages. And I have it on good authority there are going to be ground-breaking hands-on F# sessions you do not want to miss.

Look at the great line-up:


The Joy of Flying Robots with Clojure – Carin Meier

Monads and Macros – Chris Houser and Jonathan Claggett

Functional composition – Chris Ford

Lisp and Cancer – Ola Bini

Data, Visibility, and Abstraction – Stuart Sierra


Functional Async Without the Pain – Jim Powers

Journey to the Heart of the For-Yield – Kelsey Innis

Enabling Microservice Architectures with Scala – Kevin Scaldeferri

Functional I/O in Scala – Nilanjan Raychaudhuri


Distributed Programming with Riak Core and Pipe – John Daily

Finite State Machines – Why the fear? – Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

Addressing Network Congestion in Riak Clusters – Steve Vinoski

Let it Crash: Erlang Fault Tolerance – Tristan Sloughter


Functional Mobile Applications in F# – Adam Granicz

Functional Linear Data Structures in F# – Jack Fox

Clarity of Intent: Three Features of F# Which Lead to Better Code – Paulmichael Blasucci


Domain Specific Languages and Towers of Abstraction in Haskell – Gershom Bazerman

QuickCheck: A Silver Bullet for testing? – Joseph Wayne Norton

Simile-Free Monad Recipes – Aditya Siram


Functional Reactive Programming in the Netflix API – Ben Christensen

Protocols, Functors and Type Classes – Creighton Kirkendall

Living in a Post-Functional World – Daniel Spiewak

Copious Data, the “Killer App” for Functional Programming – Dean Wampler

Semantics, clarity, and notation: the benefits of expressions over statements – Tracy Harms

Living in Big Data with Vector Functional Programming – Dave Thomas

Functional Coffeescript for Web UIs – Richard Feldman

Redex: Program Your Semantics – Robby Findler

If that’s not enough, every afternoon we roll up our sleeves with your
choice from 5 incredible workshops ($50/each) or an open jam.

Monday workshops

Try F# from Zero to Data Science – Rachel Reese

The Art of Several Interpreters, Quickly – Dan Friedman, Jason Hemann

Hands-on Intro to Haskell – Bartosz Milewski

Top-down TDD in Clojure – Brian Marick

The Seductions of Scala – Dean Wampler

Tuesday workshops

F# on the Web – Ryan Riley and Daniel Mohl

Program Transformations – William Byrd, Nada Amin

Uses Lenses, Folds and Traversals – Edward Kmett

Functional Web Development with Clojure – Clinton N. Driesbach

Building Applications in Erlang – Garrett Smith

Wednesday workshops

Installed to Productive in Julia – Leah Hanson

Macros! – Drew Colthorp

Compilers from Scratch – Daniel Feltey

Functional Web Applications with
– Sean Cribbs, Chris Meiklejohn

Introduction to Summingbird – Sam Ritchie

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